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Archive for the ‘Soft Drinks’ Category

Thursday February 19, 2015 19:10

Back to an 80’s Classic: Coke Cherry

Coca-Cola Cherry (aka Cherry Coke), a cherry-flavored version of the legendary Coke, it’s been commercialized for a couple of year here in Spain. I remember the first times that I saw a Coke Cherry, that was back in the days in the 80’s when I was watching some american movies. Since I saw it I’ve […]

Tuesday February 3, 2015 19:08

Pepsi Max – King among the soft drinks!

I should be sincere, I’ve never been a huge fan of soft drinks. It didn’t matter if it was about Coke, Pepsi or any kind of (bad) imitation of those drinks. Some years ago I wasn’t even able to drink a whole soft drink can, don’t know if it was related to my age or it was […]