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Thursday June 4, 2015 15:06

Chow Mein or Stir-fried Noodles? Case solved!

Let’s just be honest, stir-fry noodles are one of the greatest inventions of the cooking world! Chow mein or stir-fried noodles are usually a must have plate that you just need to order when you’re eating in a Chinese restaurant. However any kind of Foodie always ending up asking himself: how can I cook stir-fry […]

Today I wanna show you one of the most authentic recipe in the Italian cuisine: the legendary pasta alla carbonara! It’s without a doubt a delicious, easy and inexpensive dish to do. There are lots of different carbonara recipes out there (each one of them with its own horrors and weirdness) , but the one […]

Wednesday February 4, 2015 19:19

Strawberry Pepsi – A healthy and easy smoothie!

I came up with the idea for this smoothie by chance. I’m a huge fan of strawberries and one day asked myself if it was possible to make an easy and refreshing strawberry smoothie. Suddenly I was thinking about Coke cherry and I thought “what if blend some strawberries in a Coke?” The result was […]

Is there something better than a pizza?It’s so easy to make it and it’s cheap and  tasty! In this recipe I’ll use a pre-made pizza dough that you can easily find in the refrigerated section of every grocery store. To be more specific, for the occasion I’ve used a pre-made pizza ‘al taglio’ dough made […]