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Char Siu is one of those popular and easiest dishes that you’ll sure regret it that you didn’t know anything about it before! What’s great about this dish is that it’s some real comfort food. It’s one of those recipe you’ll always use (bet on that!). It’s just marinated pork roast. You can cook it worst or better, but you can hardly fail these kind of recipes!

I’ll leave you with a real interesting video about a Char Siu seller who tells us how to make some authentic – and tasty – Chinese Char Siu. Enjoy it!


Let’s just be honest, stir-fry noodles are one of the greatest inventions of the cooking world! Chow mein or stir-fried noodles are usually a must have plate that you just need to order when you’re eating in a Chinese restaurant. However any kind of Foodie always ending up asking himself: how can I cook stir-fry noodles at home?What’s that sauce about? Unfortunately most of the recipes available in both cooking books or in the internet result to be a totally EPIC FAIL, but I have to say that thanks to Google I’ve finally been able to discover the miraculous (yet simple) secret of this long-awaited recipe. It took me some time to find it!

Stir-Fry (2)

Basically many stir-fry dishes uses a multi-purpose sauce made of: soy sauce,  light soy sauce, oyster sauce, Chinese wine, potato starch (or corn starch) and white pepper. This sauce needs to be diluted with some water (I use 1:1 ratio) and it becomes immediately ready to be used to cook one of the most popular and demanded dish of any Chinese restaurant.

Here you can find the original recipe link. It includes detailed instructions and extremely precious tricks that explain how to properly use this sauce:

I’ll write another post to talk about my personal suggestions and tricks on how to use this sauce. For the moment I’ll leave you with an interesting economic fact. You will spend around 6 euros to buy all the ingredients required to prepare this sauce. Doesn’t sound like an inexpensive  recipe? Well, with those ingredients you can prepare so many Chinese multi-purpose sauce that it will last for at least 50+ dishes… yeah, it’s even cheaper than what you can imagine! No need to do detailed calculations, but a single homemade stir-fry noodle will cost you about 0,30/0,60 euros. It goes without saying…Chinese stir-fry noodles are one of the most healthy, cheap and tasty dishes to cook and to eat!

Stir-Fry Noodles


The new Magnum Pink Raspberry Ice Cream is finally available for the price of 2 euros. I’m crazy for both Ice creams and raspberries, but I must admit that this Ice Cream tastes everything but raspberries.

If I’m supposed to spend 2 euros for an Ice Cream I expect that the Ice Cream is made from real raspberries and it’s not just flavored with some industrial raspberry syrup. It’s with deep sorrow that I have to say that this Ice Cream is nothing special and may be not worth your money.

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Today I felt like I was in the mood to have some Junk Food or maybe It would be more appropriate to call it Fast Food just to be politically-correct. So I made up my mind and I decided to eat a delicious Subway’s sandwich/sub. You already know it, you can customize your own Subway’s sandwich with a lot of combinations although most of the times I usually have a Teriyaki Foot-long with lettuce, tomato, american cheese and mayo (less is more).


I tend to forgot why I usually don’t go to Subway for a Sub, but I was able to remember it when they gave the receipt. To pay 7 euros for a Panini/Sub is definitely a rip-off! Actually what shocks me the most is not related to the fact that the subs here are pretty pricey, but what annoys me is the fact that the final quality of your pricey sub depends on staff skills and ingredients freshness. The subs I had in London, Dublin or Barcelona were definitely yummy and top-notch, but the ones I had here in Madrid are pretty flavorless and it feels like you’re not even eating at Subway’s sub (which they are pricey, but they can taste quite good if they know how to make it properly ). In my humble opinion Subway should pay more attention to the quality of the ingredients offered by some franchise partners. Also it would be better to make sure that some of its workers are well trained. I wouldn’t care that much to pay 7 euro for a subs if I had the guarantee that the sub would taste great and prepared by a well trained worker.




I have already seen these cereals before in the american grocery stores and in the Dealz stores. I was quite surprised when I first saw that a single dose package of Lucky Charms cereals was priced 1,50 euros! That’s why I also made a few searches and I found out that even in the UK and in some areas of the USA these cereals are expensive.

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Coca-cola-cherry (2)

Coca-Cola Cherry (aka Cherry Coke), a cherry-flavored version of the legendary Coke, it’s been commercialized for a couple of year here in Spain. I remember the first times that I saw a Coke Cherry, that was back in the days in the 80’s when I was watching some american movies. Since I saw it I’ve been asking myself if it was tasty and I was very curios to find if it had a true cherry taste.

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Today I wanna show you one of the most authentic recipe in the Italian cuisine: the legendary pasta alla carbonara! It’s without a doubt a delicious, easy and inexpensive dish to do. There are lots of different carbonara recipes out there (each one of them with its own horrors and weirdness) , but the one I’m proposing you it’s based on the original recipe. However I won’t be too meticulous about the original recipe , there’s no need to be strict after all it’s not the spirit of this blog which is all about no-frills recipes or culinary suggestions!

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Fresón de Palos are without a doubt my favorite strawberries. They have a wonderful taste and a very cheap price. I’ve tried so many different kind of strawberries along the way (some of them which were incredibly expensive), but it feels like there are no real competitors left in the strawberries industry for Fresón de Palos. No other is able to offer some high-quality  inexpensive strawberries just like Fresón de Palos does.  I strongly suggest you this fruit product, it’s definitely a 10 for me. Unfortunately these strawberries are only available in the European market and I don’t know if in the UK are so easy to find, but if you can them don’t hesitate…buy them!! On Foodie you can trust!



Many times ordinary food products are the best choice and that’s also the case for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. There are tons of different breakfast cereals that people can buy, but nevertheless  Corn Flakes seem to still be a great choice! They’re incredibly cheap, light and they have a plain and ‘neutral’ taste.

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Cadbury chocolate mallows2

Today’s Foodie advice is all about the incredible tasty Cadbury chocolate mallows. In my opinion Cadbury chocolate is one of the best chocolate made in this World…and you know, UK people already know that! These little delicious chocolate mallows won’t let you down! They’re definitively mouthwatering and I suggest you to give them a try!

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